Ontario Artistic Swimming Provincial Awards

Each year, Ontario Artistic Swimming presents a Volunteer of the Year, Coach of the Year and Athletes of the Year Awards. These awards are presented at the Athlete Banquet at the Ontario Open Age Group Artistic Swimming Championships.

2016 Awards Athlete of the Year:

Marissa Wheeler (Brant Synchro), Adele Arpino (Burlington Synchro),  Megan Gomes (Durham Synchro), Amy Cameron (Gloucester Synchro), Mason O’Connor (Granite Club), Hannah Wiley (Guelph Synchro), Ally Sandiland (Kawartha-Trent Synchro), Sarah Shelton (London Synchro), Viviana Santa (Markham Synchro), Cassandra Young (Mississauga Synchro), Lauren Stokes (Nepean Synchro), Sophie Niehaus (Olympium Synchro), Sascha Motz (Ottawa Synchro), Sarah Ieropoli (Sudbury Synchro), Lindsay McLean (Toronto Synchro), Emily Beer (Waterloo Regional Synchro), Anna Shalin (York Synchro).

2015 Awards Athlete of the Year:

Claire Scheffel (Brant Synchro), Elizabeth Greig (Burlington Synchro), Sarah Bianco (Durham Synchro), Angelica Tilli (Gloucester Synchro), Maya Das (Granite Club), Quinlin Lawrynowicz (Guelph Synchro), Sabrina Adam (Kawartha-Trent Synchro), Bridget Koza (London Synchro), Regan Smith (Markham Synchro), Alyssia Robertson-Leithwood (Mississauga Synchro), Elise Bordeleau (Nepean Synchro), Jocelyn Ringler (Olympium Synchro), Olivia Godbout (Ottawa Synchro), Alexa Bates (Sudbury Synchro), Haley Grennell (Toronto Synchro), Sydney Pfuhl (Variety Village), Shae Buchal (Waterloo Regional Synchro), Kenzee Nielsen (York Synchro).

Photos from the 2015 Ontario Artistic Swimming Awards Banquet

2014 Awards Athlete of the Year:

Elizabeth Gaudet (Brant Synchro), Emma Wansbrough (Burlington Synchro), Amy Nickerson (Durham Synchro), Clare Vais (Guelph Synchro), Abbie Lombardo (Kawartha-Trent Synchro) Olivia Orsini(London Synchro), Briar Alderdice (Marham Synchro),  Jocelyn Van Leeuwen (Mississauga Synchro), Greer Gemin (Nepean Synchro), Sierra Motzek (Olympium Synchro), Georgia Speck (Sudbury Synchro), Lauren Georgiadis (Toronto Synchro), Sara Martin (Waterloo Synchro), Alyssa Smith (York Synchro)

2013 Awards Athletes of the Year:

Sarah Plaint (Guelph Synchro), Millie Sweet-Boulay (London Synchro), Charlotte Gray (Granite Synchro), Mattia Fonzo (Mississauga Synchro), Ashley Bowers (Burlington Synchro), Sydney Andrew (Kawartha-Trent Synchr0), Emily Barton (Durham Synchro), Emma Colson (Toronto Synchro), Jade Martin (Brant Synchro), Tess Muller (Variety Village Synchro), Kamryn Butler (Sudbury Synchro), Anna Doneva (Olympium Synchro), Elizabeth Cross (Nepean Synchro), Kailey Beitch (Waterloo Synchro), Stefi Kurtz (York Synchro), Madeleine Lachance (Ottawa Synchro)

2012 Awards Athletes of the Year: –

Mikaela Norkus (Markham Synchro), Suzie Blainey (York Synchro), Jeanine Enns (Olympium Synchro), Mali Tse (Toronto Synchro), Sarah Sharp (Granite Synchro), Meghan Sommerville (Nepean Synchro), Courtney Davidson (Brant Synchro), Elise Letarte (Guelph Synchro), Maya Jain (Ottawa Synchro), Anna Beebe (Variety Village Synchro), Emelyn Kupinski (London Synchro), Mariah Evans (Sudbury Synchro), Chrita Plumley (Kawartha Trent Synchro), Candice Larochelle (Burlington Synchro), Grace Adams (Waterloo Synchro), Elizabeth Kozak (Durham Synchro), Jocelyn VanLeeuwen (Mississauga Synchro)

2011 AwardsAthletes of the Year:

2010 Awards Athletes of the Year: Cammy Halgren, BSSC

2009 Awards Athletes of the Year: Rebecca Gordon, Granite

2008 Awards Athletes of the Year: Brianna Maclellan, Durham

2007 Awards Athletes of the Year: C. Faith Cameletti, Guelph

2006 Awards Athletes of the Year: Nicole Ashworth, Markham

2005 Awards Athletes of the Year: Elizabeth Metzler, BSSC


Ontario Artistic Swimming National Stream Awards

The Athlete of the Year and Coach of the Year National Stream Award is based on criteria surrounding results at events such as Provincial Championships, Divisionals/National Qualifier, Nationals, as well as participation on Provincial and/or National Teams. Selection is determined by the High Performance Selection Committee for 13-15, Junior, and Senior.


2012 National Athlete of the Year:

Senior Athlete of the Year – Erin Willson
Junior Athletes of the Year – Samantha Nealon,
2012 13-15 Athlete of the Year – Caroline Marshall,


2011 National Athlete of the Year:

Senior Athlete of the Year – Erin Willson
Junior Athlete of the Year – Tess Kruspe,  2011 Junior Coach of the Year – Kelly Hogan

2011 National Athlete of the Year:

13-15 Athlete of the Year – Clare McGovern,

Special Award of Excellence:  Sheilagh Croxon of Granite Synchro.  Sheilagh placed athletes on ALL National Teams; 13-15, Junior and Senior.  Sheilagh continues to be our leader in athlete development and achievements in high performance.  Sheilagh is dedicated to building a strong foundation for LTAD in our province.


2010 National Athlete of the Year:

Senior Athlete of the Year – Julia Maclean
Junior Athletes of the Year – Rachel Kowalski & Rebecca Maule
13-15 Athlete of the Year – Alina Ryssina,


2009 National Athlete of the Year:

Senior Athletes of the Year – Stephanie Saunders & Alyssa Bezeau,
Junior Athlete of the Year – Julia Maclean
13-15 Athlete of the Year – Jordan Field,


2008 National Athlete of the Year:

Senior Athlete of the Year – Jennifer Knobbs,
2008 Junior Athlete of the Year – Julia Maclean
2008 13-15 Athlete of the Year – Chloe Brown


2007 National Athlete of the Year:

Junior Athlete of the Year – Jennifer Knobbs
13-15 Athlete of the Year – Rachel Kowalski