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Introducing SupportZone

Ontario Artistic Swimming (OAS) continues to take its commitment to wellbeing in sport very seriously. As part of our commitment, OAS is pleased to announce a new initiative to ensure that everyone involved in artistic swimming in Ontario can participate in one-on-one confidential conversations. SupportZone is a safe and welcoming space where athletes, coaches, parents, officials, and volunteers can share and ask questions about issues including questions about harassment, abuse, bullying or discrimination. Callers will be welcomed by a certified leadership coach and together we will determine what additional support you might need.

Our goal is to ensure our community has access to a neutral confidential third party to talk through what you may have experienced or witnessed, either in the past or present. While this service is not therapy, nor will advice or counselling be provided, we recognize that having a listening ear offers a safe space to process your experience.

SupportZone is being launched on June 28, 2021, and is being managed in partnership with Sport Law, an organization with nearly 30 years of experience in providing exceptional management and leadership services to the amateur sport community. Calling SupportZone will put you in touch with Lauren Brett of Sport Law, who is an Integral Coach and an accredited member in good standing with the International Coach Federation. All ethical guidelines of the coaching profession will apply.

Please contact Lauren Brett at supportzone@sportlaw.ca to set up a time to chat.