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Professional Coaches = any coach with an NCCP number. This can include competitive and recreational coaches. Please talk with your club registrar for club payment options. Please note: E-transfers are not accepted, you may call the office with a credit card number or send a cheque/cash in the mail. 

CAS Online Registration System

 Fist time Login: CASSA # (ask club registrar for number)

Password: first 5 letters of your last name


Coach Training Documents:


Canada Artistic Swimming Coach Pathways (Dec 12, 2018)

Coach Certification Presentation – 2016 AGM

Comp Dev Certification Process

 Comp Intro Certification Process

 Coach Portfolio

  CAS Techinical Conference Report 


Deck access for the season will be only with accredited ID Badges;

 Coaches with ID Badges will be getting an accreditation sticker for the season

 Coaches that have not received a badge can fill out the online Coach ID Badge Request . If you are having trouble, please email [email protected]

 Replacement badges can be ordered for $25.00 ea during the season

 Click here for Upcoming Courses: Training and Development Calendar



 CAAWS is a national non-profit organization dedicated to creating an equitable sport and physical activity system in which girls and women are actively engaged as participants and leaders. CAAWS provides a number of services, programs and resources to a variety of clients, including sport and physical activity organizations, teachers, coaches, health professionals and recreation leaders. Since 1981 CAAWS has worked in close cooperation with government and non-government organizations on activities and initiatives that advocate for positive change for girls and women in sport and physical activity.

 Resource Materials:

 Coach Planning Presentation by Mary Jane Ling AGM 2012

 Online Coaching Resources:

 Coaches Association of Ontario

 Coaches Association of Canada

 Canadian Sport Institute Ontario

 Women in Coaching


Coach of the Year Awards

Coach of the Year Awards 2018: Julia Wheeler, Laura Halabecki (Brant Synchro), Sherry Riley, Michelle Dalgleish (Burlington Synchro), Samantha Low, Beth Koster (Durham Synchro), Katie Walker-Byron, Josee Goguen (Go Capital Synchro), Sara Ogilvie, Katie Allen (Team Granite), Hannah Wiley,  (Guelph Synchro), Myranda Hawthorne, Holly Bosnell (Kawartha Trent Synchro), Aislinn Adams, Allyssa Gosling (London Synchro), Cheryl Kaspar (Markham Synchro), Erin Dawson (Mississauga Synchro), Lindsay Pinch, Gillian King (Nepean Synchro), Steph Breitigam, Lindsay Lukezic (Olympium Synchro), Alystra Riddle, Allison Merla (Sudbury Synchro), Christa Plumley, Nicola Chaddock (Toronto Synchro), Mira Polski (Waterloo Regional Synchro), Alyssa Smith (York Artistic Swimming),

Coach of the Year Awards 2018: Julia Wheeler (Brant),  Jenny greensmith (Durham Synchro), Kiera Hughes (Go Capital Synchro), Jackee King (Granite Synchro), Adele Arpino (Guelph Synchro), Kathleen Eldridge (Kawartha Trent), Rhianon Klein (K-W Synchro), Olivia Amaral (London Synchro), Alexa Granger (Mississauga Synchro), Venessa Graham (Nepean Synchro), Lindsay Lukezic (Olympium synchro), Courtney Stasiuk (Sudbury Synchro), Lynn Gammie (Toronto Synchro), Hannah Sine (Waterloo Reg. Synchro), Makenna Williams (York Synchro),

Coach of the Year Awards 2017:  Jennifer Scott (Burlington Synchro), Julia Thornton (Durham Synchro), Brooke Whitney (GO Capital Synchro), Courtney Durand (Granite Synchro), Madison Solda (Guelph Synchro), Mattia Fonzo (Kawartha Trent Synchro), Amelia Brooker (K-W Synchro), Kyra Moura (London Synchro), Heather Beveridge (Markham Synchro), Diana Gauthier (Mississauga Synchro), Shannon Castledine (Nepean Synchro), Lindsay Lukezic (Olympium Synchro), Candice Larochelle (Sudbury Synchro), Danielle Hoey (Toronto Synchro), Samantha Kowalski (Waterloo Regional Synchro), Alysha D’Souza (York Synchro)

Coach of the Year Awards 2016:  Julia Wheeler (Brant Synchro), Katie Gandy (Burlington Synchro), Holley Lundmark (Durham Synchro), Katie Walker-Byron (Granite Club), Krissy Einboden (Guelph Synchro), Jennifer Seavers (Halton Hills), Mattia Fonzo (Kawartha-Trent Synchro), Lily Dong (London Synchro), Kim Beveridge (Markham Synchro), Colleen Gammie (Mississauga Synchro), Jen Tinneberg (Nepean Synchro), Laura McClemont Steacy (Olympium Synchro), Sandra Inglis (Ottawa Synchro), Lindsay Wandziak (Sudbury Synchro), Paisley McNair (Toronto Synchro), Rachel Kowalski (Waterloo Regional Synchro), Victoria Garritano (York Synchro).

Coach of the Year Awards 2015:  Meghan Rickwood (Brant Synchro), Elly Van Fleet (Burlington Synchro), Meagan Caulfield (Durham Synchro), Sabrina Lekadir (Gloucester Synchro), Courtney Brown (Granite Club), Rebecca Gordon (Guelph Synchro), Holly Dyer (Kawartha-Trent Synchro), Alex Cross (London Synchro), Heather Beveridge (Markham Synchro), Sita Dos Romas (Mississauga Synchro), Emma English (Nepean Synchro), Jennifer Knobbs (Olympium Synchro), Anik Pilon (Ottawa Synchro), Courtney Stasiuk (Sudbury Synchro), Lesley Pate (Toronto Synchro), Kelly Hogan (Waterloo Regional Synchro), Victoria Garritano (York Synchro).

Coach of the Year Awards 2014:  Meghan Rickwood (Brant Synchro), Sephanie Breitigam (Burlington Synchro), Julia Maclean (Durham Synchro), Victoria Lee (Granite Synchro), Katherine Frost (Guelph Synchro), Danielle Coveney (Kawartha-Trent synchro), Vanessa Smith (london Synchro), Amanda Jackson (Markham Synchro), Debbie Stanton (Mississauga Synchro), Michaela Koston (Nepean Synchro), Vanessa Bessey (Olympium Synchro), Chelsea Wandziak (Sudbury Synhcro), Laura Mouck (Toronto Synchro), Jenna Kressler (Waterloo Synchro), Catherine Bourrie


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