How to report a complaint

Any individual may choose from any of the following options:

Contact the Canadian Sports Helpline

The Canadian Sports Helpline is a national, confidential helpline to support victims or witnesses of abuse, bullying, harassment, or discrimination in sport. The toll-free Helpline is available from 8am to 8pm (Eastern Time), seven days a week by telephone, text, live chat, or email in both official languages.

Phone/text: 1-888-83SPORT (77678)

Contact the OAS Safe Sport Officer

OAS has enlisted the services of Brian Ward of W&W Dispute Resolution Services to act as an independent third party Safe Sport Officer. His team includes female investigators and provides support services in both official languages. All complaints, including those related to Safe Sport and general complaints under CAS, OAS and club policies, should be directed to Brian who will guide you through the complaints process or explore other options where appropriate. Your contact with the OAS Safe Sport Officer is confidential, subject to certain legal limits.

For additional information, please refer to the Discipline and Complaints Policy .