Ontario Artistic Swimming (SSO) provides insurance coverage for all registered members including athletes, coaches, officials, directors, employees and volunteers, but only while participating in a sanctioned OAS event or activity in Canada. The sanction is an agreement between a club and OAS to ensure that an event or activity is conducted properly, including requirements for appropriate safety precautions such as the use of certified lifeguards. There may be no insurance coverage without an approved sanction.

OAS reserves the right to decline to approve a sanction for an event or activity that is considered high risk or for non-synchro related club or team activities. See Sanction Guidelines for a list of events and activities that are NOT sanctioned.

Sanction Handbook

The Sanctions Handbook includes helpful hints, timelines and information on submitting a sanction request for various types of synchro related events and activities.

Sanction Guidelines

The Sanction Guidelines provide detailed information on events and activities that are pre-sanctioned, sanctioned or non-sanctioned.

Sanction Request Application A

Online Sanction Request Form

This form should be used for regular club events such as club try-outs, synchro camps, Try Synchro events and club social or fundraising events or activities. There are many club activities that are pre-sanctioned and do NOT require a sanction request including regular training and practices, participation in OAS and Synchro Canada competitions, invitational meets that have been sanctioned by SSO, and club board or coach meetings. See Sanction Guidelines for additional information.

Clubs must ensure that proper safety precautions are taken for all sanctioned events or activities. This includes using certified lifeguards in aquatic environments, requiring minor athletes to observe a buddy system whenever they are in public places and ensuring direct adult supervision of young athletes at all times.

Sanction Request Application A should be submitted at least two weeks prior to the event or activity. Any event that takes place without a sanction or with a sanction that does not reflect the event with sufficient detail is subject to a $50.00 FINE.

Special Programs Registration Form

This form should be used to register participants in synchro camps or other one-time special events lasting more than one day. Participants that have already been registered during the season (September to August) for regular club programming (i.e., “OAS registrants”) do NOT need to be included on this form. A fee of $4.00 is required for each non-OAS registrant to cover insurance costs.

Sanction Request Application B – Hosting Invitational Meets

Online Sanction Request Form

This form should be used by host clubs to request a sanction for an invitational meets or event. Typically, such an event will involve more than one club, require the use of OAS registered officials, require the use of pool time outside of regular practice, and there may be a registration process or a fee charged to participate.

OAS meets and events take precedence over all club invitational events. Sanction requests may be granted after consideration of a number of factors including dates of the invitational meet in relation to OAS meets or other sanctioned events, the availability resources such as OAS registered officials, location, participants, and the club’s history of hosting similar meets. * No sanction requests for club invitational meets involving Novice and Provincial stream athletes will be approved by OAS for events that are proposed to take place between March 1st and the date for the Trilliums 12 & Under Open Championships in any given competitive season.

 Any club that promotes an invitational meet before a sanction is granted is subject to a $50.00 FINE. OAS will post information provided by a club relating to a sanctioned invitational meet on the OAS website under Event Schedule – Club Invitational Meets.

Participation in invitational meets is limited to athletes registered in a competitive stream (i.e., novice, provincial or national). OAS will NOT grant a sanction for any invitational meet involving recreational or community program swimmers.

Sanction Request Application B must be submitted at least three months in advance of the requested date(s) or is subject to a $50.00 LATE FEE. Any Invitational meet or event that takes place without a sanction or with a sanction that does not reflect the event with sufficient detail is subject to a $500.00 FINE