Ontario Artistic Swimming (SSO) provides insurance coverage for all registered members including athletes, coaches, officials, directors, employees and volunteers, but only while participating in a sanctioned OAS event or activity in Canada. The sanction is an agreement between a club and OAS to ensure that an event or activity is conducted properly, including requirements for appropriate safety precautions such as the use of certified lifeguards. There may be no insurance coverage without an approved sanction.

OAS reserves the right to decline to approve a sanction for an event or activity that is considered high risk or for non-synchro related club or team activities. See Sanction Guidelines for a list of events and activities that are NOT sanctioned.

Sanction Handbook

The Sanctions Handbook includes helpful hints, timelines and information on submitting a sanction request for various types of synchro related events and activities.

Sanction Guidelines

The Sanction Guidelines provide detailed information on events and activities that are pre-sanctioned, sanctioned or non-sanctioned.