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On an annual basis, OAS is proud to acknowledge the outstanding effort and commitment of a select group of athletes with the OAS Athlete of the Year award. Thank you to all our athletes for their dedication to artistic swimming in Ontario.

2021 – 2022 RECIPIENTS


Kiana Lamoueux

Marisa Barros


Ava Furniss

Nicole Carver


Brooke Racozsky-Penney

Ariane Downar


Nina Maeda-Buckley

Nadia Patel


Ellie Austin

Sophia Lawrence


Lauren Chamber



Genevieve Campbell

Reagan Simpson


Mikaela DeCastro

Emily Faingold

GO Capital

Sophie Craig

Monica Julien

London Regional

Sierra McEachern

Ellie Ward

Royal City

Eva Benton




Kayla John

Coco Petracchi


Paige Liu-Ernsting

Myra Jin


Eva Jessup


2020 – 2021 RECIPIENTS

Burlington Synchro

Maya Mahmoud

Macy Maitland

Kawartha-Trent Synchro

Kyrsten White


Olympium Synchro

Chris Niehaus

Francesca Seed

Waterloo Region AS

Sydney Lavigne Bushko

Danica Penner

Durham Synchro

Charlotte Bennett

Kaitlyn Switzer

London Regional AS

Tessa Hinz

Yuejia Su

Royal City AS

Katie Slater


York AS

Joy Jeon

Victoria Kelly

GO Capital AS

Frederique Desjardins

Lillyan Malek

Mississauga AS

Eliana He

Joanna Zeng

Sudbury Synchro

Lana Squires

Chloe Zinck

Team Granite AS

Alexa Swales

Camellia Xu

Nepean AS

Dilara Baysal

Evelyn Wille

Toronto AS

Nadalin Greenfield

Madeline Knibbs

2019 – 2020 RECIPIENTS

Due to restrictions imposed by COVID-19, Athlete of the Year awards were not distributed for the 2019-2020 season.

2018 – 2019 RECIPIENTS

Brant Synchro

Susie Girard

Julia Robinson

Granite Synchro

Rebecca Goh

Erin Howard

Markham Synchro

Kelsi Seppanen


Sudbury Synchro 

Emily Binks

Heidi Fink

Burlington Synchro

Faith Bennet

Kaylin Simkins

Guelph Synchro

Kate Coughlin


Mississauga Synchro

Myra Jin

Olivia Symons

Toronto Synchro

Crosby Pearce

Zoe Starnino

Durham Synchro

Reagan Simpson

Almira Gafoor

Kawartha-Trent Synchro

Ella Dummitt

Adeline McCully

Nepean Synchro

Kaitlyn Bird

Natasha Strong

Waterloo Region Synchro

Grace Ohrling


GO Capital Synchro

Alyssa Tofinetti

Melissa Pilon

London Synchro

Alissa Jeffery

Naomi Wesley

Olympium Synchro

Lauren Smith

Ryleigh Taylor

York Synchro

Emily Faingold

Sloane Zeidman


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