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On an annual basis, OAS is proud to highlight the hard work and dedication of a number of OAS coaches with our Coach of the Year Award. Congratulations and thank you to all those awarded for their part in making artistic swimming in Ontario possible.

2021 – 2022 RECIPIENTS


Bliss Donahue-Power

Jenna Kressler


Dani Smith



Evelyn Wille

Natasha Strong


Haley Grennell

Kylie Hurlburt


Annaliisa Bennet

Megan Gomes


Olivia Amaral

Ioanna Hopper


Claire Caskey

Lola Shnayder-Mazour


Kate McInnis

Sydney Denstedt-Barr

GO Capital

Amy Cameron

Amelie Proulx


Emily Xu


Royal City

Tonya Bonnar



Hilary Oliver

Monique Garon


Emily Jones

Brittany Elford


Sevoya Riddle


2020 – 2021 RECIPIENTS

Burlington Synchro

Candice Larochelle

Elly Van Fleet

Kawartha-Trent Synchro

Dani Smith


Olympium Synchro

Stephanie Breitigam

Delaney Klein

Waterloo Region AS

Kelly Hogan

Samantha Kowalski

Durham Synchro

Meagan Caulfield


London Regional AS

Olivia Amaral

Sabrina Young

Royal City AS

 Brenna Thompson

 Hannah Wiley

York AS

Selina Lee

Debbie Stanton

GO Capital AS

Kristina Anagnosti

Maryia Kazartsava

Mississauga AS

Morgan Armstrong

Caroline Martyn Belchior

Sudbury Synchro

Emily Binks



Team Granite AS

Adriana Ermter

Alyssa Leithwood

Nepean AS

Elise Bordeleau

Rachel Enns

Toronto AS

Katherine Alexander

Christa Plumley

2019-2020 RECIPIENTS

Due to restrictions imposed by COVID-19, Coach of the Year awards were not distributed.

2018 – 2019 RECIPIENTS

Brant Synchro

 Laura Halabecki

Julia Wheeler

Durham Synchro

Beth Koster

Samantha Low

Granite Synchro

Katie Allen

Sarah Ogilvie

Kawartha-Trent Synchro

Holly Bosnell

Myranda Hawthorne

Burlington Synchro

Michelle Dalgleish

Sherry Riley

GO Capital Synchro

Katie Walker-Byron

Josee Goguen

Guelph Synchro

Hannah Wiley


London Synchro

Aislinn Adams

Allyssa Gossling

Markham Synchro

Cheryl Kaspar


Nepean Synchro

Gillian King

Lindsay Pinch

Sudbury Synchro

Allison Merla

Alystra Riddle

Waterloo Synchro

Mira Polski


Mississauga Synchro

Erin Dawson


Olympium Synchro

Steph Breitigam

Lindsay Lukezic

Toronto Synchro

Nicola Chaddock

Christa Plumley

York Artistic Swimming

Alyssa Smith



Artistic swimming coaches are the support system that motivate Ontario Artistic Swimming athletes to reach their goals. Learn more about the pathway to becoming an artistic swimming coach.