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Becoming an OAS Certified coach is the first step in providing safe, informed coaching of artistic swimming athletes in Ontario.


Certification begins with the AquaGO! Instructor course. It is required for all Novice, Provincial, and National level coaches. Completing the two day course will give a coach status of Comp Intro Trained, which allows them deck access for 2 years as they work toward being fully comp intro certified.

Certification is required for all coaches on deck at sanctioned OAS competitions.

Canada Artistic Swimming’s Coach Development Pathway details each level of certification for artistic swimming coaches in Canada.

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Coaching courses are offered multiple times throughout the year. Please visit our Events page to find more information on upcoming courses.


Evaluation confirms that the Coach Developer is capable of certain abilities which are deemed important in the training of coaches. Once a Coach Developer has been evaluated they are considered certified.

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Coaches with Comp Intro training over five years old will be required to take a one day refresher course.

Coaches will have until the end of season to finish all components (MED, portfolio and evaluations). Requests for evaluations must be emailed using the forms below.

Evaluators will be assigned on a first come first serve basis.


Coach Registration and Certification Policy

The purpose of the Coach Registration and Certification Policy is to outline the registration and certification requirements for coaching artistic swimming in Canada.

Universal Code of Conduct to Prevent and Address Maltreatment in Sport (UCCMS)

The UCCMS will provide the foundation for the development of a coordinated implementation strategy to prevent and address maltreatment across all levels of the Canadian sport system, and for all participants (athletes, coaches, officials, administrators, practitioners, etc.). The UCCMS is a result of an extensive consultation process that sought insight and expertise from within the sport system and from external subject matter experts.


Artistic swimming coaches are the support system that motivate Ontario Artistic Swimming athletes to reach their goals. Learn more about the pathway to becoming an artistic swimming coach.