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OAS Coach's Toolbox

August 17, 2020 –

Good morning coaches! This week we are sharing some of our favourite resources on the Canadian Sport Institute Ontario (CSIO) website. The CSIO’s mission is to provide a world-class multi-sport daily training environments for athletes, coaches and practitioners through excellence in leadership, services and programs in Ontario. Their home base is located in the heart of the Markham Pan Am Sport Complex.

We look to the CSIO Website and social media platforms for the most current updates in the world of sport. On their website you can find expert advice on a variety of topics including nutrition, mental performance and strength training. There is even a page just for you, the coaches! You can find it by clicking on the Resource Hub tab then selecting Coaching & Sport System.

CSIO has also been releasing a consistent COVID-19 Advisory. They provide helpful insight and tips as the COVID-19 guidelines and recommendations evolve. In addition to our own Framework for Return to Artistic Swimming, we recommend this tool as a way to stay on top of information regarding COVID-19. The CSIO COVID-19 Advisories are linked to our OAS COID-19 Resources page, but you can also find them on the CSIO home page. Click here to read the newest CSIO COVID-19 Advisory.

Click the links below to check out the CSIO social media platforms! 

Have a resource that you want to see covered in next week’s OAS Coach’s Toolbox? Please submit all requests to Aerin at aengland@ontarioartisticswimming.ca.