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Officials Promotions News Release

Toronto, Ontario: November 20, 2019

Ontario Artistic Swimming (OAS) is very proud to share with our member community, the following news recognizing three of our OAS Officials, who have been promoted or recommended for upgrade to the Official levels below. We applaud the years of effort and exemplary performance and ask that you join us in extending sincere congratulations as follows:

1) Julie Chin on her promotion to Level 4 Judge for Canada Artistic Swimming.

2) Erika Lindner on her promotion to Level 4 Judge for Canada Artistic Swimming. Major kudos to Julie and Erika on their well-deserved successes in completing all requirements (exam and practice) to officially becoming a level 4 judge for Canada Artistic Swimming. This promotion now enables both to be considered as candidates for panel selection at one of the upcoming Canadian National artistic swimming competitions.

3) Mikhail Zaitsev on being recommended for an upgrade to Level 3 Judge for Canada Artistic Swimming, who will now undertake the necessary national level training, practice judging and exam writing to complete his promotion to Level 3 Judge. 4) Julie Chin on being recommended for an upgrade to a Level 3 Referee for Canada Artistic Swimming and will undertake the necessary shadow refereeing at national competitions to complete her promotion to Level 3 Referee.

This is very exciting news for our province and for all three of these individuals and we hope you will join us in recognizing and applauding them on these notable achievements.

Thank You
Mary Dwyer