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Ontario Open Championships Recap

Our athletes had a jam-packed weekend to close out the 2020-2021 competitive season!

The athletes have put so much work into Dryland training and have really improved over the year- it showed with the technical ability the athletes brought to this dryland routine competition. We also loved seeing the athlete’s unique choreography.

As always, there were many parents, siblings and furry friends around cheering their athletes on. We also got to see some new competition locations with the warmer weather- our athletes competed on lawns, outdoor decks, and even a boat!

After all of the events were over, we were joined by the one and only Stacey Umeh to lead our athletes through an end-of-year dance party. Even though it was 6:00am in her home of Perth, Australia, Stacey brought so much energy and life and got our athletes (and even some parents) up on their feet! We closed out the year with our Virtual Ontario Championships Banquet to highlight our competition awards, club awards for the year (volunteer, coach, and athlete of the year) and thank all of our OAS family for a fantastic season. We were so happy to see over 250 smiling faces join us to end out the year in style.

As we close out a virtual season, we are so proud of our athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers for a year of adapting and hard work. We can’t wait to see you all on a pool deck near you once again.

Here’s the list of club award winners:

Volunteer of the Year

Burlington Synchro – Jodie Near

Durham Synchro – Shawn Turpin

Kawartha Trent – Crystal Lyons

London – Beth Heinrichs

Nepean – Gail Brennan

Royal City – Deb Chartrand

Sudbury – Christine Fink

Toronto – Tracy Greenfield

Waterloo – Angela Gubasci

York – Pavel Shkolnikov

OAS – Erika Lindner

Coach of the Year

Burlington – Elly van Fleet

Burlington – Candice Larochelle

Durham – Meagan Caulfield

GO Capital – Kristina Anagnosti

GO Capital – Maryia Kazartsava

Granite – Adriana Ermter

Granite – Alyssa Leithwood

Kawartha Trent – Dani Smith

London – Olivia Amaral

London – Sabrina Young

Mississauga – Morgan Armstrong

Mississauga – Caroline Martyn Belchior

Nepean – Elise Bordeleau

Nepean – Rachel Enns

Olympium – Stephanie Breiigem

Olympium – Delaney Klein

Royal City – Hannah Wiley

Royal City – Brenna Thompson

Sudbury – Emily Binks

Toronto – Christa Plumley

Toronto – Katherine Alexander

Waterloo – Kelly Hogan

Waterloo – Samantha Kowalski

York – Selina Lee

York – Debbie Stanton

Athlete of the Year

Burlington – Maya Mahmoud

Burlington – Macy Maitland

Durham – Kaitlyn Switzer

Durham – Charlotte Bennett

GO Capital – Frederique Desjardins

GO Capital – Lillyan Malek

Granite – Camellia Xu

Granite – Alexa Swales

Kawartha Trent – Kirsten White

London – Yuejia Su

London – Tessa Hinz

Mississauga – Joanna Zeng

Mississauga – Eliana He

Nepean – Evelyn Wille

Nepean – Dilara Baysal

Olympium – Chris Neihaus

Olympium – Francesca Seed

Royal City – Katie Slater

Sudbury – Chloe Zinck

Sudbury – Lana Squires

Toronto – Nadalin Greenfield

Toronto – Madeline Knibbs

Waterloo – Sydney Lavigne Bushko

Waterloo – Danica Penner

York – Joy Jeon

York – Victoria Kelly