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Toronto, Ontario – July 12, 2018 – The Regional Training Centre Ontario (RTC-ON) is
now under the direction of Ontario Artistic Swimming, including technical oversight and
alignment with Synchro Canada. RTC-ON funding and services support is provided
through the Ontario High Performance Sport Initiative (OHPSI) program of the Canadian
Sport Institute Ontario (CSIO), the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport, the NextGen
Program of Own the Podium through Synchro Canada Ontario Artistic Swimming and the
Legacy partnership with the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre (TPASC). We would like to
acknowledge these partners for the significant contributions and support provided to the
delivery of state of the art RTC-ON programming and world class facilities, which allows
us to pass on savings to the athletes through reduced fees for the overall quality
services at RTC-ON.

Ontario Artistic Swimming’s athlete high performance pathway, which peaks with RTC-ON
programming, is supported by the incredible capacity and infrastructure available at
TPASC and CSIO and made possible through the funding partners outlined above. As
we continue to strive for excellence and continuous improvement, OAS through the
RTC-ON is very excited to announce several new high performance programs that will
commence in September. These initiatives are intended to increase the reach to more
athletes as well as strengthen the capacity within our member clubs across our province
and provide greater exposure to the RTC-ON. In our continuing partnership with the
Canadian Sport Institute of Ontario, we will be implementing these pilot programs
introducing several new tiers of RTC support for the 2018-2019 season.

The RTC Tier Structure will allow for greater athlete development throughout the high
performance pathway and will increase the access to RTC-ON and CSIO’s expertise in
sport science at an earlier stage in the athlete’s development and to a wider audience
from across our regions. The programs being introduced are designed to allow for three
different levels of involvement with the RTC-ON.

Tier 1: Daily Training Environment at TPASC – Junior/Senior
Tier 2: Daily Training Environment Satellite – Junior/Senior
Tier 3: RTC Next Gen Program

Enclosed with this announcement, we are excited to present three flyers for these
unique programs that will provide the information to our sport community of the next
steps being taken in expanding the high performance pathway in Artistic Swimming in
the province of Ontario. By creating stronger club connections as well as engaging the
community and athletes into areas of sport science and integrated support teams, we
hope to further enhance our development of all athletes and coaches in the province and
build more world-class athletes on our continued Journey to Excellence.

For more information about these new RTC-ON High Performance programs, please
contact Jennifer Koptie at jkoptie@ontarioartisticswimming.ca


RTC Senior Flyer

RTC Junior Flyer

RTC NextGen Flyer