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Important Documents for Officials:

Revised Nov. 2013 – Advancing Through the Canadian Judging System

SCOT – Requirements for upgrading to levels 3 and 4 final revision Sept. 2013

Officials log book

Synchro Ontario Rule Book


Notes from World Wide Seminar 2013  (released Nov. 13, 2013)

November 1-3, 2013 -St. Petersburg, Russia

Please find enclosed the official notes from our International Officials and Head Coach Meng Chen who attended the World Wide Seminar in St. Petersburg Russia.  Thank-you to Louise Kennedy for coordinating completion of the final document.

For clarification on judges issues please contact IO Leader Louise Kennedy @ [email protected]

Ontario’s current International Level (FINA) Officials

FINA A: Diane van der Pol

FINA B: Janice McLaughlin

FINA G: Lianna Sottile


Ontario’s Olympic Officials

Ontario has a history of excellence in artistic swimming, and that falls to our officials as well. The following Officials from Ontario  have been selected by Canada and FINA to judge at the Olympic Games:

London 2012 – Diane van der Pol

Sydney 2000 – Leslie Taylor

Atlanta 1996 – Lynda Furniss

Seoul 1988 – Joyce Corner


Marg McBurney Officials Development Award


In 2001, the synchro community mourned the loss of Marg McBurney – swimmer, coach, judge and mentor to many across Canada. For Marg, synchro was a lifelong passion. As a volunteer in various capacities she contributed significantly to the development of artistic swimming in Canada. Thanks to Marg’s husband Alan McBurney and her many friends who made donations in her memory, Synchro Ontario created the Mary McBurney Officials Development Fund. The interest earned on the donation received will be be used to fund the expense of providing this opportunity for our candidate.

Annually one official will be given the opportunity to attend a Divisional or National Championship in order to upgrade their skills and prepare for their next level of officiating. The Officials Rep annually recommends the recipient to the Board of Directors based on his/her potential for movement and success at National Judging and Level 3 certification. This award is presented at an appropriate event, typically each fall.

2015 – Debbie Sands

2012 – Erika Lindner

2011 – Suzanne Kostron

2010 – Karen Wilson Davis

2009 – Lori Kowalski & Catrine Klein

2008 – Jennifer Saunders

2007 – Barb Tooth

2006 – Lesley Ahara

2005 – Suzanne Laroche & Michele Lopers

2004 – Lynn Hammond & Leanne McDonnell

2003 – Karen Seymour

2002 – Chris Gauthier

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