OAS COVID-19 Coach Relief Benefit

AquaGO! Instructor Training 

The OAS AquaGO! Instructor Training COVID-19 Response Benefit will help coaches expand their portfolios during a time of uncertainty, free of charge!

During the COVID-19 pandemic, coaches may find themselves with some additional free time on their hands. Becoming a trained CAS AquaGO! Instructor is the perfect way to expand your coaching portfolio while preparing for the full CAS implementation of AquaGO to our sport. 

This program will enhance your coaching skills and help build the future athletes of Canada. CAS has developed an online/in-person “blended environment” delivery option for AquaGO! Instructor training. OAS is pleased to offer all Ontario competitive and recreational registered coaches the opportunity to complete the AquaGO! Instructor Workshop online portion, at no cost! As an added bonus, OAS will also cover the cost of the identified AquaGO! prerequisite modules for the first 50 coaches to apply before May 29, 2020 with allocations being distributed equitably across the clubs in all regions if interest numbers allow.

This offer has the potential to save OAS coaches a total of $315 in course fees! 

Application Criteria

  • Anyone who is registered as either an NCCP Competitive or Recreational coach in the 2019-2020 season
  • Any registered coach who is at least 15 years of age
swimmer smiling

Prerequisite Modules

  • AquaGO! Pre-clinic Reading & Quiz
  • CAS LTAD Framework Reading & Quiz
  • S4L Intro to Physical Literacy Module
  • CAC Coach Initiation in Sport ($15 charge that is refunded upon course completion)

How to take advantage of this free limited-time offer!

This offer stands for the first 50 coaches to apply before May 29, 2020.

Step 1

Make sure that you meet all application criteria listed above. Application requirements will be tracked by OAS. 

Step 2

Click below to send an e-mail to Dan-Lee informing him that you are interested in the offer.

Step 3

Dan-Lee will respond with a prerequisite course access code. Please complete all prerequisite modules listed above.

Step 4

OAS will be in touch with details about the  AquaGO! Instructor online portion when there are enough participants registered.

If you have any further questions about the application process, please do not hesitate to reach out to Dan-Lee at [email protected].

AquaGO! Instructor Online Course Format

The AquaGO! course will be delivered in both English and French via Adobe Connect. Once all four modules listed below are completed, OAS will follow-up with an in-person workshop that completes the in-pool portion of the course (for all comp intro+ coaches & instructors) and the remaining two modules: Bring a Lesson Plan to Life and Artistic Swimming Skills (for instructors only). Coaches must attended 100% of the in-person workshop to become a trained AquaGO! Instructor. 

Please note: All four online modules listed in the table below must be completed before attending the in-person portion of the course. To become a certified AquaGO! Instructor, coaches must also be evaluated. 


Online Module Duration
Delivering AquaGO!
+NCCP Overview
+Review Locker, CAS Coach Pathways & artisticswimmingcoach.ca
2 hours
LTAD & Fundamental Movement Skills 2 hours
Swimming Fundamentals 2 hours
Technical preparation for the in-person workshop 2 hours