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“Deep listening has one purpose; to help a person empty their heart.”

-Thich Nhat Hanh-

Ontario Artistic Swimming (OAS) continues to take its commitment to wellbeing in sport very seriously. As part of our commitment, OAS is pleased to announce the re-launch of this program to ensure that everyone involved in artistic swimming in Ontario can participate in one-on-one confidential conversations. SupportZone is a safe and welcoming space where athletes, coaches, parents, officials, and volunteers can share and ask questions about issues including questions about harassment, abuse, bullying or discrimination. Callers will be welcomed by a certified Co-Active Coach and together you will determine what additional support you might need.

It is our hope that SupportZone will encourage people to reach out, find answers to their questions and walk away more confident to address what has been weighing them down.

SupportZone has been created for:

For Athletes

If you feel like you were bullied, harassed or abused or witnessed a person in authority maltreating someone, you can call us to work through the situation. If you are unsure about what to do next, you can call us, and we’ll gladly listen. If you are feeling alone and scared, we’re here to help. You are not alone, and we’ve created SupportZone for this purpose.

For Parents & Administrators

Adults involved with sport (parents, spectators, officials, board members) may observe or be told about behaviours that are concerning and want guidance on how to proceed or intervene. Please contact SupportZone to support you in determining your next steps.

For Coaches

Coaches are required to take on a lot of responsibility. Some are feeling overwhelmed by new rules and expectations. If you are worried you may have inadvertently caused harm to an athlete and want to have a safe space to talk through it, we are here to listen. If you have witnessed something and are unsure whether to report it, we are here to help. Please contact SupportZone to explore strategies to mitigate risk and find value-based solutions.

This anonymous, confidential and independent service offers:

  1. A safe space where you can share and validate your concerns with someone who cares and will not judge
  2. Emotional support and an opportunity to talk through your feelings and any challenges you are facing with what you have experienced or witnessed
  3. The opportunity to discuss available options and possible next steps
  4. Information about additional support services and resources

Reaching out for support does not mean you are filing a complaint and all information will remain confidential unless you determine otherwise.

Let’s Chat

SupportZone will put you in touch with Emily Boyes, a certified Co-Active Coach who is also an accredited member in good standing with the International Coach Federation. All ethical guidelines of the coaching profession will apply. Emily is passionate about working with individuals in communities so that they feel safe, heard and empowered to tackle their present and future challenges. She is committed to ensuring that sport at all levels of participation is an environment where individuals thrive competitively, professionally and personally. Scroll down to learn more about Emily.

Emily Boyes

Emily Boyes grew up dancing competitively and canoeing Northern Ontario and Quebec’s rivers and lakes. Her upbringing cultivated a deep appreciation for sport and nature, leading her to become an avid whitewater kayaker and canoeist and pursue a diploma in Adventure guiding and a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies in Adventure Sport and Sociology from Thompson Rivers University.

Emily has over ten years of experience instructing and coaching youth in whitewater canoeing and kayaking while helping them navigate the physical and emotional challenges of sport and adolescence. After craving a more diverse set of skills to better support her work, Emily started her leadership coaching journey in 2013 through the Co-active Training Institute and became a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and an Associate Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation. She also has a Master of Education in Leadership Studies from the University of Victoria.

In 2020, Emily founded Threshold Coaching, a leadership coaching business offering 1:1 leadership coaching and workshops designed for outdoor education professionals interested in learning how to be more coach-like in their work and navigate leadership challenges more effectively.

Emily lives in Victoria, British Columbia with her partner Olivia Apps, captain of the Canadian women’s 7s national rugby team, and dog Charlie. In her free time, she enjoys any wilderness water-based activity, cooking, and volunteers as a member of the Sexual Assault Response Team at the Victoria Sexual Assault Centre. She also works as the National Risk and Safety Director at Outward Bound Canada. Emily is eager to get to know and be of value to the Ontario Artistic Swimming community and looks forward to connecting.

Please contact Emily Boyes at to set up a time to chat.