Safe Sport Officer

OAS has enlisted the services of Brian Ward of W&W Dispute Resolution Services to act as an independent third party Safe Sport Officer to receive complaints on its behalf. His team includes female investigators and provides support services in both official languages. The OAS Safe Sport Officer provides confidential, expert, and objective facilitation of complaints and is an essential part of the OAS commitment to providing a safe training and competition environment to all participants. 

All complaints, including those related to Safe Sport and general complaints under CAS, OAS and club policies, should be directed to Brian who will guide you through the complaints process or explore other options where appropriate. Your contact with the OAS Safe Sport Officer is confidential, subject to certain legal limits.

All complaints received by OAS or OAS member clubs will be directed to the Safe Sport Officer. 

The responsibilities of the OAS Safe Sport Officer include:

  • Receiving and acknowledging all complaints, allegations and concerns of possible breaches of CAS, OAS, or club policies
  • Determining whether the complaint is admissible
  • Determining the jurisdiction responsible to handle the complaint
  • Preserving the confidentiality of complaints
  • Where appropriate, designating who the investigator or mediator will be or convening a Discipline Panel

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