Are you currently or have you been a synchronized swimmer in Ontario within the last 5 years? Are you the parent of a current or former Ontario synchronized swimmer? If so, the University of Toronto Concussion Lab and Ontario Artistic Swimming are looking for your participation in an important joint project examining risk factors in artistic swimming-related concussions.

The goal of this project is to determine how to prevent artistic-related concussions and make our sport as safe as possible for all athletes.  To participate, please click on the link below.

All participants have the chance to win one of three Swim Artistic sweatshirts!

Concussion History Survey

Thank you,

Laura McClemont Steacy, M.Sc.
PhD Candidate, U of T Concussion Lab
Department of Exercise Science
University of Toronto


Ontario Artistic Swimming (OAS) has taken steps to over the past several years to become a leader in concussion management, education and prevention to prioritize the safety of its athletes. Our Concussion Policy and the OAS Artistic-specific Concussion Guidelines are among the most comprehensive, sport-specific concussion policies for amateur sport in Ontario. These documents also implement the mandatory requirements of Rowan’s Law (Concussion Safety), 2018.

OAS Concussion Policy

OAS’s Concussion Policy ensures athletes who are suspected to have sustained a concussion during artistic activity are removed from sport and do not return to activity before being cleared by a medical professional. Together with the OAS Artisitic-specific Concussion Guidelines the Policy provides coaches, officials, parents and others with the resources they need to recognize, report and manage a concussion injury including through use of artistic-specific removal-from-sport and return-to-sport protocols and a return-to-artistic concussion progress tracker.

OAS Concussion Policy

Concussion Resources for Clubs

OAS encourages all clubs to establish their own concussion policy consistent with the responsibilities described in the OAS Concussion Policy. The attached concussion policy template may be customized by clubs.

OAS Concussion Policy Template for Clubs

Concussion Awareness Resources

Clubs must give all new and returning athletes and, for athletes under 18 years of age, their parents a copy of the OAS Artistic-specific Concussion Guidelines prior to registration. Athletes or parents, as appropriate, must confirm in writing that they have reviewed the resource.

Clubs must also give a copy of the OAS Artistic-specific Concussion Guidelines to all coaches and receive confirmation in writing by no later than October 15 of each year that their coaches have reviewed the resource.

OAS Artistic-Specific Concussion Guidelines, 2018

Clubs must keep a copy of the Concussion Recognition Tool on deck and available to coaches.

Concussion Recognition Tool 5 

The OAS Artistic-specific Concussion Return-to-sport Protocol must be implemented for all instances of concussion injury including medical clearance by a medical professional prior to re-introduction of physical activity. This includes a family physician, pediatrician, emergency room physician, sports-medicine physician, neurologist or nurse practitioner. Documentation from any other source will not be acceptable.

OAS Removal-from-sport Protocol

OAS Return-to-sport Protocol

OAS Return-to-Artistic Concussion Progress Tracker

An incident report must be submitted through Injury Tracker for all instances of suspected or confirmed concussion injury sustained during artistic activity.

Bye Request Form

Online Incident Report Form

Concussion Resources for Athletes and Parents

This document has been designed to help athletes and parents learn more about concussion recognition and management.

Ontario Artistic Swimming Concussion Information and Guidelines for Athletes and Parents

Helpful Concussion Resources

Concussions -Developed by the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport, this web portal gathers resources on various aspects of sport-related concussions from external sources. The resources have been organized in sections with information for parents, coaches, officials and athletes.

Rowan’s Law (Concussion Safety), 2018

Concussion: The Basics – Parachute is a leading organization for injury prevention in Canada.

Statement on Concussion Baseline Testing in Canada