testKKKD OAS Announces Try Art Swim Campaign - Ontario Artistic Swimming Body

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OAS is pleased to announce the Try Art Swim campaign for the 2021-2022 season!

Try Art Swim is an amazing resource for promoting grassroots programs and events at local OAS clubs. On our site, the Try Art Swim landing page can be found under the “Learn More” tab. Prospective athletes and parents will find up-to-date contact information for clubs near them to get athletes in the water faster.

A cross-promotion kit of social and print media resources has also been developed to assist clubs in their own Try Art Swim event promotions. This campaign content has been developed for Ontario Artistic Swimming and clubs to use at any time of the year and for years to come. Clubs are also invited to adjust copy where needed and to create their own imagery using the provided watermark.

The Try Art Swim campaign landing page and the entire cross-promotion kit can be found here: